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Tommy Lee Jones appeared in the craziest advert ever, and we love it

Tommy Lee Jones may be better known for his roles in Men in Black and No Country for Old Men, but we are never going to forget this incredible Japanese advert.

Tommy Lee Jones as Ed Tom Bell in No Country For Old Men

Of all the things Tommy Lee Jones has done in his career, one of his lesser-known but most astonishing roles is actually in this crazy Japanese advert for coffee. Forget his roles in the best movies of all time, it is this clip that proves he is one of the best actors around.


When you think of Tommy Lee Jones, you probably think of the Men in Black comedy movies or maybe one of the best Westerns of modern times, No Country for Old Men. Well, after you check out the video below, there’s only one performance of his that will stick in your mind.

Turns out, the esteemed actor has a long collaboration with Japanese coffee brand Boss, leading to some unforgettable adverts.

Boss is a brand of canned coffee that is huge in Japan, partly down to the fact Jones is its ambassador. He stars in a series of adverts for the company where he plays an alien who has arrived on Earth and takes up various different jobs while partaking in a sip of the delicious beverage.

Our favorite (see below) has Jones as a no-nonsense teacher in a Japanese high school. He comes fully equipped with laser vision, super strength, and a brilliant method for punishing students who are late for class. See, now this is the kind of alien movie we would have loved to see as a continuation of the Men in Black series, rather than the pretty poor Chris Hemsworth movie we would rather forget about

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Apparently, Jones has developed such a deep affinity with Japan since taking up this work that he now absolutely loves the country rather than simply doing the ads for a paycheck. He even sang alongside Japanese celebrities in a charity video to help the country in the wake of a natural disaster.

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