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Yellowstone star got most embarrassing injury at cowboy camp

The Yellowstone cast go to great lengths to make sure their cowboy skills are up to scratch, but one star of Paramount's best TV series pushed it too far.

Yellowstone stars take part in a cowboy camp

The stars of Yellowstone have to work hard in order to make one of the best TV series on screens today as realistic as possible. Yellowstone cast members take their responsibility to cowboy culture very seriously, including taking part in “cowboy camp” run by Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan.


These camps are intense experiences, but they’re very important in making sure that some of the best actors also become the best cowboys. When you’re making one of the best Westerns on TV, you have to look and act the part.

However, for star Jefferson White – aka Yellowstone ranch hand Jimmy Hurdstrom – one cowboy camp got a little too real and left him with some injuries.

In a video interview with IMDb, Yellowstone stars Cole Hauser and Wes Bentley explained that White is the cast member who has the most resemblance to their character.

Jefferson White in Yellowstone

“He’s really smart, but then he’ll say something real stupid,” said Hauser, before Bentley explained that White had “never ridden a horse or done any of that stuff”.

Unsurprisingly, that made cowboy camp a tough experience, with Hauser explaining that “his ass got so chapped at cowboy camp that they had to put Band-Aids all over it”.

That sounds painful, but it just goes to show the level of commitment these actors have to making the show as realistic as it can possibly be. It also tracks with Jimmy’s own experience, and the character has a pretty tough time at the hands of Rip and John Dutton when first inducted into the Yellowstone ranch crew with a trial by fire.

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