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Why Clint Eastwood refuses a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

You'd think one of the best actors and directors of all time would have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, but he's simply not interested in the honor.

Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry

Clint Eastwood refuses to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, so you’ll never see the name Clint Eastwood inscribed on its path next to famous inhabitants who earned one. Well, we say earned…

One of the reasons that one of the best actors of all time, according to his fans, isn’t interested in having one is because the process for receiving a star is more complicated than one might assume, and it comes at a cost.

Eastwood seems more concerned with making new movies than sorting it out, and with all the information we learned about the process, we can’t say we blame the star of some of the best Westerns.

Today reported that celebrities turning down stars is more common than you’d think, for a simple reason: it’s a headache. First, you need to be nominated by someone else, then you need to consent to the nomination (ie. pretend to be humble before saying ‘Oh, alright then, go on!’). After that, you’ll relinquish $40,000 for the star itself (or the person who nominates you can pay it).

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Then, you’ll need to successfully pass a rigid examination of your career, history with awards shows, and philanthropic work to ensure you’re good enough to be included on the Walk of Fame.

Oh, don’t forget the ceremony you’ll have to attend, with lots of photos and publicity as you stand there acting like you didn’t pay tens of thousands for the honor. Doesn’t quite sound like the type of thing Eastwood has the patience for.

He’s probably happy enough with the folks who say he’s one of the best directors of all time or has been in some of the best movies ever. We’d certainly be.