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Yellowstone star Luke Grimes refuses to watch the Western drama series

Leading Yellowstone cast member Luke Grimes, who stars as Kayce Dutton, says he refuses to watch the Taylor Sheridan Western drama series for this one reason.

Luke Grimes in Yellowstone

It seems like every single person in the world is a fan of Yellowstone, eagerly awaiting the latest spin-off and the Yellowstone season 5 part 2 release date. Across the vast Yellowstone timeline, the show tells the story of the Duttons as they go from early pioneers to modern ranchers.


When the best Western drama series on TV returns, we’ll all be watching as Kevin Costner bows out for good, set to be replaced in a new Yellowstone sequel series starring Matthew McConaughey. Well, almost all of us. One Yellowstone cast member refuses to tune into the Taylor Sheridan show for a very good reason.

Speaking to TODAY, Luke Grimes (who stars as Kayce Dutton) revealed all. Asked if he tunes in, the actor said, “I don’t. Not because I don’t want to or because I’m too cool to,” Grimes clarified.

Explaining himself, the actor shared, “It’s because I think it would affect my work since we’re still doing it. I don’t like watching myself in general and I get really in my head and judgey about what I’m doing.”

But, Grimes’ refusal to watch his own series isn’t permanent. “I think one day, when it’s all said and done, I’ll sit down and watch the whole thing.”

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Grimes isn’t alone in his hesitance to watch his own performances, and many Hollywood actors share the same reluctance. However, the time where Grimes can sit down and look back on the series could be closer than you think, as – with the recently announced departure of Costner – the main series is coming to an end.

Yellowstone will be replaced by the as yet untitled McConaughey sequel series, but it’s still unclear if the rest of the Yellowstone cast will join him. It could be that along with Costner, the rest of the Dutton family actors step aside to in order to make way for the new era.

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