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Will Smith calls Wild Wild West his worst movie

Will Smith isn't a fan of the 1999 western movie from Barry Sonnenfeld, and we kind of agree.

Will Smith in Wild Wild West

Will Smith has made some dodgy films, but few are as universally disliked as 1999 action movie Wild Wild West. In an episode of GQ’s Actually Me, the blockbuster actor says he agrees with the haters on this one.

For the interview, Smith responds to queries involving him from across the internet. On Quora, he spots a question asking about his best and worst projects. Wild Wild West takes the prize for worst, though not for any discernible reason. “Worst? I don’t know. Wild Wild West just is a thorn in my side,” Smith says. “To see myself with chaps – I don’t like it.”

Truly, Wild Wild West was a bit of a disaster for all involved. The family movie has Smith as US Army Captain James T West, hunting an ex-Confederate General with US Marshall Artemus Gordon (Kevin Kline). It’s set some years after the American Civil War, in an alternate, steampunk-esque history. Barry Sonnenfeld, of Men In Black and The Addams Family, directed it, and the best thing about it now is the punchline to this Kevin Smith bit.

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