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Yellowstone’s Jimmy actor was meant to be the most frustrating Dutton

Yellowstone cast star Jefferson White, who stars as the young cowboy Jimmy, was originally meant to star as the most frustrating of John Dutton's children.

Jefferson White as Jimmy in Yellowstone

Yellowstone is a phenomenon, and one of the biggest reasons for that (aside from the writing, the landscape, and the whole cowboy fantasy thing) is the tremendous Yellowstone cast. Led by Kevin Costner, the Yellowstone cast has helped to forge the Western series into one of the best TV series of the past decade, with each actor bringing their characters to life.

One fan-favorite Yellowstone character is Jimmy. Brought into the fold and branded by Rip, Jimmy has one of the best arcs in the show as he goes from having absolutely no ranch experience to becoming a fully-fledged, lasso-wielding cowboy.

Jefferson White delivers a great performance as the young rancher. However, the actor was originally envisioned as playing the most frustrating Dutton sibling: Kayce Dutton.

“So I read the script in 2016, my agent sent me the script, and they originally had me auditioning for the role of Kayce,” recounted White, talking to Entertainment Tonight.

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“I was so immediately obsessed with the script and role: Kayce. That’s such an incredible part. But I also recognized right away, ‘that’s not me,'” he continued. “That’s an ex-navy SEAL ultimate badass cowboy, I loved the script so much, but I knew I wasn’t quite right for that part.

“So I went through the script looking for anything else that might fit. I immediately connected with Jimmy. That felt right down the middle for me. A guy trying desperately to keep up, in over his head, trying to survive in a world that’s really new to him. That resonated with me.”

So, without being asked, the actor would go on to send in an audition tape for Jimmy. Thankfully, the casting directors and Taylor Sheridan saw White stand out for the role, and the rest is history.

We’re glad it all ended up the way it did, because frankly – while we love Jefferson White – it’s almost impossible to imagine him as Kayce, who is pretty much the exact opposite of Jimmy. Luke Grimes plays the part perfectly, and in both cases, the roles clearly went to the right actors. It all worked out in the end.

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