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Tom Hanks reveals the worst review a movie can get, and he’s right

Tom Hanks has been in his fair share of movies, from light-hearted comedies to intense Oscar-winning dramas, so his view on criticism is worth listening to.

Tom Hanks in A Man Called Otto

It’s easy to point the finger at a movie and say it’s bad. Not that Tom Hanks has made many bad movies, but he’s seen his share of criticism. (After all, he’s been one of the best actors for a couple of decades now.)


Though when it comes to Tom Hanks, we’d say that the majority of his work includes some of the best movies of all time. From gripping war movies to some of the best drama movies ever made, he’s definitely marked his territory.

But negative feedback comes with the job, and it seems Hanks himself knows this all too well. Luckily, his awareness on the matter only adds to his authority as one of the wisest and most confident actors around.

On the Adam Buxton podcast, Hanks discussed what he considers to be one of the most worst things someone can say about a movie.

“You know what the worst thing you can say about a movie is? ‘Well that didn’t quite work, did it?’ That alone is…that’s damnation,” he explained. “And I’m speaking as somebody who’s done an awful lot of that. I’ve made plenty of movies in which everyone knocked themselves out, and at the end of the day no-one can deny that, ‘Ah, well that didn’t quite work…did it?'”

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It’s understandable. A vague criticism can be unhelpful as much as it can be cutting. Fortunately, Hanks has learned over time how to bounce back from this particular jab, acknowledging that there’s only one thing that can be done.

“And what is the recompense from that?” he continued. “What do you after you learn that lesson? You start up and try to do it again, and tell a story that does work. That’s all you can do.”

A good filmmaking mentality for sure, but maybe even a useful life lesson? Hey, if Tom Hanks says it, then it’s bound to be true.

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