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This Oscar winner is even more obsessed with Yellowstone than you are

As one of the best TV series around, Yellowstone can inevitably count some of the best actors alive as viewers. This Oscar winner is a bona fide super-fan.

Kevin Costner as John Dutton in Yellowone

When one of the best TV series on screens gets as wildly popular as Yellowstone, it’s bound to attract its share of famous viewers. And, in fact, one celebrity fan is so obsessed with Yellowstone that she puts us all to shame when it comes to closely following the antics of the Duttons.


Octavia Spencer has been nominated for three Oscars, and won for Best Supporting Actress in 2012. She’s one of the best actors around, and has a very busy slate of new movies, but it seems she devotes a lot of her downtime to the Yellowstone ranch and its inhabitants.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Spencer made no secret of her fandom. She even promised to pop in on the Yellowstone cast during a day’s filming on one of TV’s best Westerns.

“Oh my gosh! Who’s not [a fan]? It’s amazing,” she said, back in 2021. “I’m just gonna find myself out there on their set one day. Wearing a mask though, guys, I will be masked up. But I’m coming to visit.”

So that’s Jennifer Lopez, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and now Octavia Spencer who are publicly out there as Dutton devotees. That’s a heck of a Yellowstone season 5 part 2 watch party in the making. We want an invite.

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Of course, the Hollywood cowboy hat club is not alone in their love for Taylor Sheridan’s sprawling Yellowstone timeline. We’re already counting down to the 1923 season 2 release date, and the 6666 release date.

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