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Worf and O’Brien weren’t the only TNG characters intended to join DS9

Star Trek characters are always crossing over into the various strands of the show, and one popular character was almost in Deep Space 9 before she refused.

Michael Dorn as Worf, and Colm Meaney as O'Brien in Star Trek The Next Generation

If you’ve watched all the different iterations of Star Trek, you will know that there are a lot of interweaving storylines that allow different characters to pop up in other quadrants. In fact, we very nearly saw one Star Trek The Next Generation star make the jump over to Deep Space Nine, but sadly, the actor declined the chance to reprise her role as one of the best Star Trek characters.

The Star Trek timeline can be a confusing journey for anyone and when members of the Star Trek The Next Generation cast were carried over to the team for Deep Space Nine it didn’t get any simpler. However, that’s all part of the fun of the sci-fi series, and we love seeing these familiar faces pop up again and again.

Turns out, the producers of the show were keen for Ro Laren, one of our favorite crew members aboard the USS Enterprise-D, to be a part of the gang in Deep Space Nine. But, that dream never came to fruition, and we are left wondering what could have been.

On the New Frontiers: The Story of Deep Space Nine, DS9 Season 2 DVD special features, viewers are told that Ro Laren (who joined TNG in season 5 as the rebellious ensign with a reputation, starring in episodes like Disaster and The Next Phase) was being lined up to be on board the station. The whole show is even set near Bajor because of Laren, but actor Michelle Forbes declined the opportunity.

While the likes of Worf and O’Brien were happy to be beamed up and taken on the voyage for Deep Space Nine, the producers of the ’90s TV show had to pivot to fill Forbes’ spot. It’s thanks to this, that Kira Nerys was created, and the actor Nana Visitor was brought in.

On the changes, Ira Steven Behr, one of the producers of Deep Space Nine, said: “It meant that our captain of the Federation would be matched against someone in a different color uniform, who had a different agenda, who had different priorities, and that put them in conflict.”

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Obviously, as keen Trekkies, we can’t help but think about how different Deep Space Nine would have been if Michelle Forbes had accepted the offer and what her dynamic with the Star Trek captain there would have been like. However, we are very thankful that Kira Nerys, one of the best characters to emerge from Star Trek, was given the chance to shine.

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