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Keanu Reeves has the perfect reason for always being so nice to people

Keanu Reeves has a reputation as one the kindest and nicest men in Hollywood, but you may wonder what his motivation is for being such a goody.

Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves has been coming for Tom Hanks‘ crown for some time now, as the reigning King of Kindness, and the Nicest Man in Hollywood. Considering how rich and famous Keanu Reeves is, you can find multiple anecdotes of him being extremely chill, low-key, hanging out with us normal folk and helping others when needed. So what’s the secret behind his reputation for compassion and Zen?

Just some of the stories about Keanu that have surfaced in the last few years include him going out of his way to help the John Wick crew – by carrying heavy camera equipment up the steps to the Sacre Cour on the set of John Wick 4. He also bought the crew expensive gifts when the movie wrapped filming.

Another anecdote involves Reeves’ plane being grounded due to bad weather and him hiring a van with his fellow passengers to get to his destination. Yet another involves him calling an 80-year-old fan and making her day, and another involves him talking to a 9-year-old fan about Duke Caboom.

When John Wick 4 was released, Reeves did a Reddit AMA. One of the questions was; “What drives you to be so compassionate?” And Reeves answered; “We die…and we all need all the help we can get.” We think this is Keanu-speak for “life is short, so be kind to your fellow man while you can.”

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