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Henry Cavill thought Tom Cruise gave him the worst gift, but was wrong

Everyone wants to get a Christmas gift from Tom Cruise, but Henry Cavill wasn't convinced when his Mission Impossible co-star sent a present to his house.

Henry Cavill in Mission: Impossible - Fallout

It’s fair to say that Henry Cavill and Tom Cruise weren’t the best of friends on screen in Mission Impossible 6, with Cavill turning out to be one of the franchise’s best movie villains. But, when the cameras weren’t rolling, Cruise and Henry Cavill formed a connection.


They certainly formed enough of a connection for Cavill to find himself on the most prestigious list in showbiz. You see, every Christmas, Cruise buys absolutely loads of white chocolate coconut cakes and sends them to his friends and colleagues. It’s a badge of honor for the best actors in Hollywood, for sure.

Cavill explained on The Jimmy Kimmel Show that, when his first cake arrived, he thought that it wasn’t the most appealing gift in the world.

He said: “I thought ‘there’s no way I’m eating that’. It’s gonna be made of healthy stuff. This is Christmas. I don’t do healthy at Christmas.”

It was only when a friend came to visit that Cavill even considered opening up the cake to see what was inside. “[They] saw the cake sitting there and said ‘what’s that?’. I said ‘that’s a cake from Tom Cruise’, and they said ‘sorry, say that again’. I said ‘that’s a cake from Tom Cruise’ and they said ‘why aren’t you eating it?’.

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“I said ‘it’s probably healthy’, and they went ‘cut it open’. I cut it open and it is the most luxurious, unhealthy coconut cake. And so, I then ate the whole thing.”

We can’t blame Cavill at all. Cruise’s cakes have become legendary over the years, and anyone willing to spend $126 each on hundreds of cakes definitely has the spirit of Christmas in their heart. Even if it all gave Cavill’s nutritionist a heart attack when he got back to work.

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