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Carrie Fisher showed off amazing hidden talent Star Wars never used

Princess Leia had many talents, and so did Carrie Fisher. The Star Wars actor showcased one of her most impressive skills on a talk show back in the '70s.

Star Wars: Princess Leia in A New Hope

The late Carrie Fisher had a dazzling array of talents on and off screen, working as a brilliant writer as well as being one of the best actors of her generation. As Princess Leia in the Star Wars movies, she delivered a truly iconic performance that puts her among the best Star Wars characters – and that’s a competitive list.


Initially a princess rescued by Luke Skywalker, we were able to watch throughout the best movies in the franchise as she became a warrior leader of the Rebellion and, later, a general in the Resistance against the First Order.

Leia had many talents, and Fisher certainly did too. It turns out that one of the actor’s skills was that she could speak fluent French, as she showcased in an interview with Radio Television Suisse to promote the original Star Wars way back in 1977.

In flawless French, Fisher said of George Lucas: “He made everyone’s character very specific [very strong] I think, because the princess is not a victim. She’s very strong, and it’s good, because there are not a lot of strong women in film right now.”

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It’s a shame that Fisher never got to deploy her flair for languages in the Star Wars movies, as Leia might have been able to give C-3PO a run for his money when it came to translating alien dialects.

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