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1883 cast all cried when this Yellowstone character died

The best actors from the Yellowstone 1883 cast all wept real tears in real life when one of the TV series' favorite fictional characters bit the dust.

Sam Elliot in Yellowstone 1883

The Yellowstone 1883 cast revealed they ended up in tears when one of the best Yellowstone characters was killed off, and we understand why.

The Yellowstone cast is full of amazing names, and as fans already know, the 1883 cast has its fair share of talent. Tim McGraw, Sam Elliot, Faith Hill… if we didn’t enjoy one of the best Westerns on TV so much, we’d have asked it to stop showing off.

When Eric Nelsen’s Yellowstone character Ennis died in episode 5, the set was overflowing with love for him, and with tears. Nelsen told TVLine, “As an actor, I underestimated that day. Because I was like, ‘Well, I just lay there the whole time. Everybody else is emotional around me, and I just get to lay there throughout the filming process.’”

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When it came to actually filming it, though: “Oh my God, that was the hardest thing I had to shoot out of the entire show! Because of the emotion that I was feeling from Isabel and the emotion I was feeling from the entire cast, because everybody’s there witnessing this, it took everything I had in me not to be bawling, crying, myself.”

“I just felt Isabel May’s pain and Elsa’s, you know, just every emotion she was going through. She’s screaming on me, she’s like pulling me apart emotionally,” he says. “Literally, I was just trying so hard not to cry just based off of her reactions to it all. I thought I was going to be… laying down and having a nice, easy day that day. But no, it was incredibly, incredibly emotionally draining, even for me, even when I’m just lying there with my eyes closed.”

“Sam [Elliott], me, and James [Landry] Hébert were sitting on our horses off-camera, just watching the whole thing,” he recalls. After a few takes, “We all look at each other, and there are tears in all of our eyes.”

We’re tearing up just thinking about it… or is that because Yellowstone is breaking up with us? Anyway, for more cowboys and cowgirls check out the Yellowstone 6666 release date, why the Western genre is for women too, or check out our picks for the best TV series of all time.