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Jessica Chastain is “just waiting” to do a sequel to her best movie

Jessica Chastain recently said that she's "just waiting to get a script" for a sequel to her critically-acclaimed crime thriller movie A Most Violent Year.

Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac

Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac have been friends for two decades, since both attending the Julliard School in New York at around the same time. They first co-starred together in 2014’s acclaimed crime thriller movie A Most Violent Year, and reunited for the HBO series Scenes From a Marriage in 2021.

In a recent interview with EW, which Chastain gave before the actors’ strike, she discussed the possibility of a sequel to A Most Violent Year. It’s a 1980’s-set gangster movie written and directed by J.C. Chandor, and Chastain says that she’s expecting a script for a sequel at some point; “Here’s the reality, and we’ll see if this ever happens, because this is a script I’m waiting to get written. Waiting on.”

“It’s a story about capitalism using this family, [it’s] the American story. J.C. has a really good… when I first met with him, he pitched me this whole idea, and I think it’s amazing, so I’m waiting. I’m just waiting to get a script.”

Chastian says that she wants to know “what happens to [her character] Anna Morales 10 years later. You know she’s ruling the roost. You know she grew up in a not great situation, she’s got the gun in her purse, she’s ready, she shoots the deer, like, no problem. She’s ready to be let out of her cage.”

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Speaking to Vanity Fair about Scenes From a Marriage, Chastain describes working on it as “very tough. And I love Oscar [Isaac], but the reality is, our friendship has never quite been the same. We’re going to be okay, but after that, I was like, I need a little bit of a breather. There was so much I love you, I hate you in that series.”

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