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Jim Carrey secretly appeared in his best movie twice

Jim Carrey doesn't just do double acts in comedy skits, it turns out that he once appeared twice in a surprising cameo for one of his best comedy movies.

Jim Carrey as Fletcher Reede in the 1997 movie Liar, Liar

There’s no denying that Jim Carrey is one of the best actors to ever hit the big screen, but his comedic genius isn’t the only reason he stands out from his peers. It turns out that Jim Carrey goes above and beyond when shooting his projects. In fact, during one of his best movies ever made, he appeared twice.

Before you ask, no, there are no Carrey clones running about. Carrey also didn’t star in any twin-based thrillers like the Christopher Nolan movie The Prestige. Instead, we are referring to the actors’ surprising cameo in the ’90s movie Liar, Liar. For those unfamiliar with the flick, Liar, Liar is a comedy movie that follows the life of the lawyer and pathological liar Fletcher Reede (Carrey). However, Fletcher’s life is suddenly turned upside down when he suddenly has to tell the truth for a single day.

Carrey’s performance as Fletcher earned him waves of critical claim, and he even bagged a Golden Globe nomination for his work. However, seldom is he recognized for his secondary role in the film, that of his iconic character Fire Marshall Bill.

Fire Marshal Bill was one of Carrey’s most popular characters in his Sketch comedy TV series In Living Color. The character would often appear on the show to tell audiences how unsafe ordinary activities were by doing some wacky and downright dangerous stunts. ’90s kids may also remember Fire Marshal Bill’s catchphrase: “LEMME SHOW YA SOMETHIN’!”

Anyway, Fire Marshall Bill makes a comeback in the 1997 movie Liar, Liar. In the background of a scene where Fletcher is being taken into an ambulance, we hear a loud “I think we are all doing a wonderful job.” The camera then zooms past Carrey, and we briefly see Fire Marshall Bill wearing a bright red hard hat, holding a walkie-talkie, and grinning.

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It’s one of the best cameos in any comedy movie, and too often, it is overlooked. Fans can now watch Liar, Liar by buying and renting the drama movie on streaming services such as Amazon Prime and Apple TV.

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