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Stallone doesn’t think this Rocky movie belongs in the franchise

Sylvester Stallone has starred in six Rocky movies, but has been candid about which one he believes isn't exactly on the same par as the other sports movies.

sylvester stallone as rocky balboa

Sylvester Stallone made some of the best movies of all time as Rocky Balboa, but there’s one sports movie in the franchise which, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, he admitted he felt regretful over. And if you guessed Rocky 5, then you’d be exactly right. Here’s what Sylvester Stallone had to say about it.

“It didn’t even belong in the series,” he said. “The fans, that’s what I felt bad about. Everyone says, ‘I hate the fifth one!'” This, he added, is why he prefers the sixth film. It was a better way to end the main Rocky series because, as Stallone put it, “the character jogs off into the sunset with a little bit of nobility.”

Given Stallone gave this interview in 2006; he probably had no idea that he’d bring the character out of retirement again less than a decade later for Michael B Jordan‘s Creed movies.

Although he didn’t appear in the Creed 3, Stallone’s Rocky Balboa was still a vital character in the first two films. This return was a risk, critically-acclaimed all three Creed films are, it’s safe to say that there’s little danger of repeating the Rocky 5 curse.

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