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Frasier star David Hyde Pierce was injured doing this ironic episode

David Hyde Pierce's physical comedy and gift for farce is part of what makes Frasier one of the best ever comedy series, but it did also lead to an injury.

Frasier spa episode

By the time Frasier had reached its tenth season, it wasn’t quite at its peak, but there were still plenty of classic – and hilariously funny – episodes to be found. The best episode in season 10 is Door Jam, which sees Niles and Frasier con their way into an exclusive spa – only to find themselves prevented from entering the ‘golden’ and ‘platinum’ doors to even greater exclusivity.

We now have some upsetting news – so brace yourselves – the first episode of Frasier aired in September 1993. Which, we regret to inform you, was over thirty years ago. For the 30th anniversary, The Metro UK spoke to writer and executive producer Joe Keenan.

David Hyde Pierce’s gift for physical comedy and farce is a huge part of what made Frasier one of the best TV series of all time. But, Keenan revealed that the spa episode was the surprising source of Pierce sustaining a head injury and having to be sent to hospital. This was caused by Niles spending much of the episode wrapped head-to-toe in bandages and having to waddle around like a Mummy in a classic monster movie.


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“David was all wrapped up for a spa. He fell off the table and hit his head, and had to be taken to the hospital. There was a huge anxiety. People were very concerned for David. He was okay, but it could have been bad.” It’s surprising that Pierce didn’t sustain any injuries during the legendary cold open to Three Valentines – in which he performs a masterful silent comedy routine.

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