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Sons of Anarchy star learned about their death scene because of a joke

This key member of the Sons of Anarchy cast learned of their death during a meeting with Kurt Sutter, after a light-hearted comment revealed a deadly truth.

Sons of Anarchy stars Charlie Hunnam and Maggie Siff

The most violent moments in Sons of Anarchy were at their best when they truly shocked us. Certainly, the twisted mind of creator Kurt Sutter gave Sons of Anarchy viewers plenty to chew on throughout one of the best TV series of recent years.

One of the most shocking moments in the best thriller series came about when Maggie Siff’s character, Jax’s partner Tara, was brutally murdered with a carving fork. And even worse, Jax’s mother Gemma was the person responsible.

The Sons of Anarchy cast was often just as surprised as we were to hear about the fate of their characters, but Siff found out in an unusual way, as she explained to Entertainment Weekly.

“Kurt Sutter and I sat down and I made a half‑joke because I thought I might be getting killed off. He didn’t respond right away. I was like: ‘Oh my God! You’re killing me off!’,” she said.

Sutter wasn’t totally sure about Tara’s fate at that point due to scheduling conflicts for actor Donal Logue, who played antagonist Lee Toric. But sure enough, she met her violent end at the conclusion of season six. It was an emotional thing for Siff to learn, having been a part of one of the best drama series on TV for several years.

“When I sat down with Kurt the second time and he told me ‘yes, this is what we’re doing’, I think I actually did cry a little bit. But it was almost more in gratitude than in anything else. It’s been such a long, wonderful journey and I’m very grateful for it,” said Siff.

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