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Danny DeVito got Arnold Schwarzenegger high making Twins

Danny DeVito gave Arnold Schwarzenegger a weed-laced cigar during a break on the set of Twins, leading Arnie to forget all of his lines


Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger are one of the great mismatched comedy duos of movies, and we’re still hoping that the Twins sequel happens. And it sounds as though the two buddies had great chemistry off screen, as well as on screen. DeVito gave Schwarzenegger a weed-laced cigar on the set of 80s movie Twins, in revenge for Arnie plying Danny with desserts.

Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel, “This is what Arnold does, he’ll admit to this. We’re on a diet, I’m always on a diet. We’re doing Twins and he’s got a big truck (because he’s a big movie star), with all this work-out equipment in it and it follows us around wherever we go. So at lunchtime, I say that I’m going to go in there to work out with him. I do level 4 for 15 mins, he does level 15 for 30 mins and he’s pumping!”

“We go back to my trailer and I think I’m losing weight. The craft service woman comes in and she’s got mounds of dessert. I said ‘what are you trying to do to me?!’ and Arnie said ‘oh no Danny, go ahead, eat the dessert.’ He’s putting weight on me, I just killed myself for 15 minutes!”

“So one day when I knew the workload wasn’t that big, we came to my trailer to smoke a stogie. I took the stogie that I’m going to give him, and I stuck a little weed in it. He smokes the stogie and we’re walking back to the set and he’s holding onto me. He’s always great fun to work with, but stoned, he’s off the charts.”

DeVito proceeded to do an impression of Schwarzenegger standing still and silent, with a glazed-over look in his eyes, while director Ivan Reitman called “it’s your line Arnold, Arnold say your line!”

DeVito seems as mishevious as some of his beloved characters including Phil the satyr in Hercules. While we’re still holding out that we’ll see more from Danny and Arnie, check out our guide to the best comedy movies.