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The Witcher armorer rejected “weird” weapons requests from cast

The armor and weapons in The Witcher Netflix series are incredible, but the fantasy's armorer did have to reject one strange weapons request from the cast.

Henry Cavill as Geralt in The Witcher

If you ask us, one of the coolest things about The Witcher is the costumes and props. Netflix‘s tale of Geralt, Ciri, and Yennifer can easily compete with the best fantasy series like Game of Thrones in these departments.

The Digital Fix got to speak to the second unit director and a stunt coordinator on the series in our Wolfgang Stagemann and Nick Jeffries interview, and Jeffries clued us into how The Witcher cast‘s stars — like Henry Cavill — sometimes have input.

Jeffries told us “They do get an input to a point. Obviously, the higher up the cast numbers [call sheet] they are, the more input they have. A lot of the input is to make sure that everything fits. So the grips are the right size for their hand, that they can do everything they need to do.”

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“And then if there are any particular requests, we discuss them. They still need to fit the overall look and idea of what we’re doing, we can’t go too mad with anybody’s ideas, we have to keep it a little bit sensible.”

“Occasionally you get requests, sometimes you can do it, sometimes you can do part of it, and sometimes, unfortunately, it doesn’t fit in with anything that we’re doing, or that would work for stunts. There’s no point in making something so weird that you’d have to be an Olympic champion [to wield].”

We’re very curious about who’s requesting absurd weaponry, but we’ll have to settle for what we know about who does Robbie Amell play in The Witcher season 3, the best TV series of all time and the best Netflix series.