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Sarah Connor in T2 becomes even cooler with these overlooked details

The Terminator movies are all about man's relationship with robots, machines, and artificial intelligence and only gets more relevant as the years go on.

Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor in Terminator 2

Terminator 2 is one of the best sci-fi movies of all time, and is often used as an example of a sequel that improves on the original. This is no small part down to Linda Hamilton’s Sarah Connor – one of the best characters at the center of any long-running franchise. And a Reddit user has noticed some details in one of her best scenes that make it even better.

In Terminator 2, Sarah learns that Cyberdyne Systems engineer Miles Dyson’s microprocessor is crucial in the formation of Skynet. She plans to kill Dyson in order to try to prevent Judgement Day, and starts to shoot up his home in one of the best action movie scenes in T2. But once Sarah arrives inside Dyson’s home where his wife and son are, she cannot go through with it.

A Reddit user has noticed that “she’s dressed in a black paramilitary outfit and takes on the role of a terminator. The red laser dot is reminiscent of the T-800’s glowing red eyes. Everything is lit with a strong blue tint, which is used in the main action locations — the mental institution hallways, Dyson’s research lab, and the highway chase.”

The central theme of man vs machine in one of the best robot movies ever is carried throughout this scene; “Dyson’s kid, Danny, is playing with a remote-control truck, not too different from vehicles being used in the war scenes. It hits Miles’ shin which distracts and thus saves him – Danny saves his dad using a machine.”

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The essence of the scene is that Sarah tries to become Terminator-like in order to carry out the assassination, but her inherent humanity prevents her from taking a life. “The gun is now on auto and Sarah appears robotic as she reloads and keeps firing. The sight of Dyson’s family causes her humanity to flood back, and she collapses while crying.”

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