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Donald Sutherland was “offended” by harsh review of this TV series

It's not often that Donald Sutherland gets a negative review for his work, so it's understandable that the actor was hurt by this critique of his TV show.

Donald Sutherland as Patrick Darling in Dirty Sexy Money

When you’ve built the kind of career that Donald Sutherland has, you can get pretty accustomed to hearing nice things about your work. It’s understandable then, that the esteemed actor was not happy to hear about a negative review for one of his TV shows.

Donald Sutherland has starred in some of the best movies of all time; from the creepy horror film Don’t Look Now, to one of the most underrated and best drama movies of the ’80s, Ordinary People. Then you have his work as one of the best movie villains, President Snow, in the Hunger Games franchise.

It’s a rarity for Sutherland to get a bad review, so you can imagine his shock when he was read some negative comments about his TV show, Dirty Sexy Money.

Anderson Cooper of CBS said: “One critic about a television show you were in said, ‘The question is not just what a class actor like Sutherland is doing in trash like this, but whether Sutherland is actually in a different show entirely.'”

When Sutherland was told this was in relation to Dirty Sexy Money, he replied: “Oh, excuse me. That’s not trash. That was a really, really good show. Oh. I’m offended.”

Funnily enough, Cooper then asks Sutherland if he watched Dirty Sexy Money and the latter admits he didn’t get around to catching his own show. But, he still knows it was good, and why? “Because I was in it,” Sutherland responds. “I don’t mean it was good because I was in it. I mean… because doing it, you knew it was good. And you knew from the response of people on the street.”

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One of the best TV series of all time, Dirty Sexy Money is not, but perhaps trash is a little unfair. Still, Sutherland has done more than enough to make up for any blips in his filmography.

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