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This Ben Affleck movie has an “absolutely on point” bank robbery

An expert thinks the bank robbery scene in one of Ben Affleck's best movies was "absolutely on point" in terms of realism, and this is what film it's in.

Ben Affleck in The Town

If you’ve not seen Insider’s YouTube series where the outlet has experts in different fields sit down to react to relevant movie scenes, you’re missing out. And Cain Vincent Dyer, a former bank robber, is the latest to share insights. This time, on a Ben Affleck film.

Dyer reviewed a Ben Affleck scene from one of the actor’s best movies and thought the depiction of a bank heist was dead on. We’re talking, of course, about the gripping The Town: a 2010 crime film starring Affleck, Rebecca Hall, and Jeremy Renner.

One of the best thriller movies of that year, it was an early directorial effort for Affleck and a significant stepping stone in ensuring he had a steady stream of new movies in his career.

Dyer, brought in to break down the realism of movies like Spider-Man: Homecoming, Point Break, and more, was shown the truck robbery scene from The Town, and thought it was done right, “It is absolutely on point.”

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“Truck robberies are quite common, I think there was just one in Los Angeles a week ago,” he said. And during the part of the sequence where the characters listen in on a police scanner, Dyer added: “I actually used police scanners in a lot of my bank heists. I would tap into the police activity within an area. Knowing when they’re coming, knowing how much time you have left inside… so, yes, it’s absolutely something that a gang of that caliber would have.”

The movie then has the robbers set fire to the vehicle they escaped in, taking off in a different SUV after, “they switch cars after the robbery, which is very, very, very common. All the cars that they’re using are stolen, more than likely, right? Instead of stealing a car what I would do is find that make and model of the car that I had and I would steal the license plate off an identical car. There are a lot of guys in crews that are out there that are like that.

High praise for one of the best Ben Affleck movies, and from a man using his unique talents for good! Now go read how Ben Affleck replaced Jon Hamm in one of his best movies.