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Taylor Sheridan shares the one Hollywood trope he’s “allergic” to

Taylor Sheridan has said what learned about screenwriting from acting, and it turns out being in some of the best TV series taught him what he didn't like.

Taylor Sheridan in Sons of Anarchy, over an image from Hell or High Water

Now that he’s moved from acting to screenwriting, Taylor Sheridan understands more than most what makes a good script. The Yellowstone co-creator has penned a few of the best movies of the last decade, and a couple of the best TV series to boot.

During a roundtable held by The Hollywood Reporter, Sheridan revealed one aspect of scriptwriting he can’t stand any more. “Exposition in dialogue is something you do a lot when you’re on television like I was,” he explains. “It gave me an allergy to that. I’m allergic to exposition now in my writing.”

Before moving behind the camera, Sheridan had roles in the likes of Sons of Anarchy and Veronica Mars. Two of the best drama series of the century so far they may be, he wasn’t exactly fulfilled by acting, and eventually packed it in to create his own stories instead.

“I look for absurdly simple plots, so I can simply focus on the characters,” he adds. “Having an understanding of what dialog’s easy to say and hard to ay, I think that that’s helpful too.”

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When you consider his successes as a scribe so far – Hell or High Water, Wind River, and Sicario, three of the best Westerns ever, and then the phenomenal growth of Yellowstone – you know he’s doing something right. Starting with the mainline show starring Kevin Costner, the Yellowstone timeline has become a hue franchise, featuring a growing roster of spin-offs.

Essentially, Costner wants to focus more on the Horizon release date, so he can get his new movies done. Fitting in directing, producing, and starring in a film with making one of the best thriller series makes for tricky scheduling.

Season 5 will mark Costner’s exit, as a sequel starring Matthew McConaughey has been eyed but again – no development yet, since nothing can be developed. We have a list of the best Taylor Sheridan Tv series and movies if this has you curious. You can stay informed on what happens in our guides to the 1923 season 2 release date and 6666 release date.