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Quentin Tarantino loves this 2000s teen movie, and so do we

It turns out that Quentin Tarantino has a real soft spot for one of the best teen movies of the 2000s, and it's one that we have a lot of love for as well.

Quentin Tarantino is a big fan of Freaky Friday

Quentin Tarantino is a man of taste when it comes to movies. We all love Quentin Tarantino movies – he’s one of the best directors around after all – but it turns out that he knows his way around the best teen movies of all time as well. In particular, he’s a big fan of Freaky Friday.

For the uninitiated, Freaky Friday stars Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan as a mother and daughter who find themselves trapped in each other’s bodies due to a mysterious fortune cookie.

In a piece for The Hollywood Reporter looking back at one of the best 2000s movies on its 20th anniversary, director Mark Waters explained that he met Tarantino at a party and ended up getting a fanboy lecture from the man behind some of the best movies ever made.

Waters said: “One time, I got cornered at a party by Quentin Tarantino, who outlined in great detail shot by shot that sequence of the House of Blues to me. He was like outlining why it was a genius scene and a perfect ending for the movie, and I was like: ‘This is cool man. Quentin Tarantino was like, fan-geeking me’.”

The House of Blues scene features Lohan performing the song ‘Take Me Away’ as part of a battle of the bands competition. Clearly, the track figures in some of Mr Tarantino’s favorite Spotify playlists.

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Tarantino has plenty on his own plate ahead of The Movie Critic release date, which he has claimed will mark his final movie as director. But he will also be looking ahead to the Freaky Friday 2 release date, as it brings a sequel to what we now know is one of his favorite films. Presumably he loves to pair it with Mean Girls for the Waters-Lohan double bill.

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