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Robert Redford made today’s most underrated thriller series possible

Robert Redford may have retired from acting, but he's still keeping busy behind-the-scenes, executive producing this great new TV series.

Robert Redford with the lead cast of Dark Winds

The second season of under-the-radar thriller series Dark Winds concluded at the start of September, and more people are gradually discovering it or catching up with it. The first season is now available on Max, which may be why the AMC series is gradually finding a bigger audience. Both seasons have 100% positive ratings from critics on Rotten Tomatoes. And there’s a surprising executive producer behind the series – one Robert Redford.

Robert Redford has not been involved with television as an actor since the early 60s, but he has produced television more recently – although mostly documentaries. Dark Winds was created by Graham Roland and follows two Navajo police officers investigating a murder in the 1970s. It’s a blend of the western with a noir crime mystery, and some supernatural/sci-fi elements. It’s been compared to one of the best TV series – True Detective, as well as Taylor Sheridan’s movie projects.

Robert Redford’s last leading actor role was in 2018’s The Old Man & the Gun, and he has since retired. His last movie as director was 2012’s The Company you Keep. Now 87-years-old, Redford’s legacy is assured – not just as one of Hollywood’s best actors and best directors, but also as founder of the Sundance Film Festival.

Dark Winds season 2 continues the story from Anthony Grove Hillerman’s literary series Leaphorn and Chee, which has a total of 18 books. Star Trek legend Jeri Ryan joined Zahn McClarnon and Kiowa Gordan in their leading roles as Leaphorn and Chee in season 2.

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Kaiya Shunyata’s RogerEbert review says; “It feels like a miracle something like Dark Winds even exists: one part standard procedural drama and one part science fiction novel come to life. It’s a show that seems in step with that of HBO’s True Detective, yet it operates with a staggering amount of heart.” And Brian Tallerico’s Playlist review says; “It’s only two seasons in, but these characters and the world they inhabit feel fully realized and rich with stories to tell.”

We’re now greatly looking forward to Dark Winds season 3.