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Game of Thrones star was fired from Disney movie because of laughing

Rory McCann didn't get to do much laughing while playing The Hound in Game of Thrones but he once got into trouble for giggling too much on a movie set.

The Hound in Game of Thrones

Two of the most popular characters on Game of Thrones were The Hound – a giant man begrudgingly used as Joffrey’s bodyguard – and his even bigger and scarier brother The Mountain. The Hound was the more humane of the two, and he developed a friendship of sorts with young Arya Stark.

In Game of Thrones, neither The Hound or The Mountain were exactly known for smiling, laughing or joking – given that The Mountain was a mindlessly brutal enforcer and The Hound was on a lifelong quest for vengeance. But Rory McCann, who played The Hound in the fantasy series, was actually once thrown off a major movie set for laughing too much.

In a 2013 LA Times interview, McCann described his nomadic lifestyle, which he still maintains despite his acting success. His acting career stemmed from a time when he was broke and hitchhiking through Wales in 1987. He came across the Willow Disney movie set and there was a casting call for two tall extras to play drunks. At 6 feet, 6 inches, McCann won one of the roles.

McCann explains; “Unfortunately, I didn’t understand how serious the whole business was and I kept laughing during takes. I was eventually chucked off the set.” He went on to become the face of Scott’s Porridge Oats, and after a very bad climbing accident, won the role of Kenny McLeod, a former climber who became a paraplegic in a fall. He would go on to play one of the best Game of Thrones characters.

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Willow is a 1988 fantasy movie starring Warwick Davis, Val Kilmer, and Joanna Whalley. A TV sequel series premiered on Disney Plus on November 30, 2022, and by May 2023 had already been removed from the platform, as part of cost-cutting measures implemented by streaming services to avoid paying residuals.

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