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Carl Weathers explains how he got so ripped for Predator

Arnold Schwarzenegger wasn't the only bulking action hero in the thriller movie Predator, as the lates Carl Weathers explains how he get in shape for the film

Carl Weathers as Dillon in Predator

Most people would remember the alien movie Predator for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s guns – and the firearms he carries, too. But there was another big star in that action movie, and the late Carl Weathers wanted us all to remember he was just as ripped at the time.

The actor, who also got into great shape for the role of Apollo Creed in the sports movie Rocky years earlier, was an absolute unit in the ‘80s movie about a terrifying creature from outer-space terrorising commandos in the jungle. It may be billed as an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, but Predator was a team effort from the whole cast.

In an interaction on Twitter, Weathers replied to a comment about his appearance in Predator with an explanation of how he got so “jacked.”

Twitter user Ty and That Guy Podcast tweeted, “Ok sure Arnold was still big but good lord Carl looked jacked,” to which Weathers responded: “And without drugs, growth hormones, steroids or anything other than weight training and cardio! Thank ‘All That Is’ for great genetics.”

The Predator movie of 1986 was a huge success and the thriller movie franchise has gone from strength to strength since. Well, sort of. Some of the sequels are better forgotten, but the 2022 horror movie Prey was brilliant. Just read our Prey review if you need proof.

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We don’t know where the monster movie saga will go next, but hopefully we will get a Prey 2 at some point. The story was certainly left open for a sequel, and who knows, maybe we will get more products of great genetics in there, too.