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Chris Pine reveals movie fans talk about most, and it’s not Star Trek

He has played a Star Trek captain and a DC movie hero, but it seems Chris Pine fans only want to talk to him about this comedy movie role.

Chris Pine played Captain Kirk in three Star Trek movies

Chris Pine is never short of a franchise, balancing his work in the Star Trek movies with DC movies and now the fantasy movie Dungeons and Dragons. He knows his way around a blockbuster, it’s safe to say.

But apparently, when fans want to discuss his best movies, the one they reach for is not any of those massive action movies. In fact, it’s a 2000s movie that served as Pine’s debut big screen appearance.

Pine made his cinema bow in comedy movie sequel The Princess Diaries 2 Royal Engagement, appearing as the dashing Lord Devereaux alongside Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews. Almost two decades later, fans keep asking him about a third romance movie in the franchise.

In a red carpet interview with Heat for his adventure movie role in Dungeons and Dragons, Pine said it’s always The Princess Diaries that people bring up around him.

He said: “In fact, I get more people commenting on that film out of everything I’ve done than anything else. Thank you for liking me in that film even though my hair was about 90 feet tall.”

Unfortunately, Pine said he “doesn’t have anything to tell” about a possible threequel. In an era when noughties nostalgia is on the up – Russell T Davies is running Doctor Who again, for goodness sake – it makes all the sense in the world.

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