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Frasier creators admit the comedy series is built on lies

As we eagerly await the Frasier reboot release date, the creator of the original comedy series has admitted the whole show was founded on lies and inaccuracies.

Kelsey Grammer as Frasier Crane in Frasier

If, like us, you are looking forward to a new installment of Frasier with the rebooted series, we have some bad news for you. No, don’t worry, it’s not been cancelled, but it turns out the original show was full of falsehoods and deception.

The original run of Frasier helped it be considered among the best comedy series of all time. The character of Frasier Crane, who was actually created for another hit show, Cheers, entertained audiences for 11 seasons with his dry wit and ability to find himself in the most ludicrous situations.

He’s coming back, too, with the Frasier reboot release date just around the corner. But, we have now learned that one of the best ’90s TV shows was built on lies, and one of the creators of Frasier has even admitted it himself.

Speaking to Metro, executive producer Joe Keenan was discussing the hit series and revealed there are a few discrepancies when it comes to just how accurate Frasier’s life may have been.

“We think Frasier made a lot of money in private practice in Boston, and he had investments. What we imagined to be the salary of a local radio personality was perhaps a little bit inflated. On the other hand, when you looked at Niles and his house with Maris, this baronial mansion that they lived in, Frasier’s apartment didn’t seem all that… His dining room only seated four people,” Keenan said.

“The view [of the Seattle Space Needle] was the most luxurious. That apartment, without that view, would not seem that astonishing. That made it seem fabulous – and it doesn’t really exist. It was taken from a vantage point where there is not a building,” he added.

Floorplan of Frasier Crane's apartment

As you can see from the illustration above, the floorplan to Frasier’s huge apartment just does not make logistical sense. I mean, how many bathrooms does one bachelor pad really need? It’s no wonder this is not a real building when you consider the actual structure of the place.

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So, while we may appreciate Frasier as one of the best TV series ever made, it seems we were suckered in by the wealth and luxury of Frasier Crane. We’ll forgive it all, however, if the reboot is as good as we hope it is. Until we know more about that, why not learn about how David Hyde Pierce injured himself during an episode of Frasier.