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These movies have the highest kill counts, and they’re ridiculous

A Reddit user has sparked the age-old debate of which movies have the highest kill counts, and how personally the killer has to be involved in the death.

Movies with high kill counts

A question has troubled movie fans for almost as long as there has been movies and that is: who has the highest kill count? This one always sparks debate, as there are individual kills that we see on screen – John Wick style – and then are those who cause the deaths of millions in the Marvel and Star Wars universes.

John Wick is said to have a kill count of around 400, and these have more impact on the audience as we see a large amount of these deaths onscreen, at John’s hands directly. However, these numbers pale into insignificance when you consider Marvel characters such as Thanos, Doctor Strange, or Kang the Conqueror – who have wiped out entire universes and timelines between them.

When this question was posed by Reddit user Punksandaliens, the range of answers make for good entertainment. A popular choice is Topper Harley in action comedy movie Hot Shots Part Deux. Another is Mulan, who wipes out an army with an avalanche – she definitely has the highest kill count of any Disney Princess.

A few other options come from the world of comic books and science fiction, such as the Vogons in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, and Ozymandias in Watchmen. As for action movie ‘heroes,’ John Wick cannot yet compete with James Bond – who apparently has 600 kills. But, to be fair – that’s across 25 movies. Rambo has nearly 500, apparently, and that’s considering the first movie only has one (accidental) kill.

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A fun one to consider is God – who gets pretty kill-happy in movies such as Noah. And a recent contender is Oppenheimer, who arguably caused the death of around 200,000 people. And while there are plenty of trigger-happy Marvel villains, we can’t let Star Wars villains off scot-free, as there are planet destroyers such as Grand Moff Tarkin and General Hux.

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