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Yellowstone star said creator was crazy to plan ahead, but it paid off

This Yellowstone cast member was promised a bigger role in future seasons, but he didn't think Taylor Sheridan's show would get there. Boy, was he wrong.

Josh Lucas appears in the Yellowstone cast as Young John Dutton

Even the most devoted Yellowstone fans probably didn’t realize how big the show would become when it first started. Yellowstone is now considered to be one of the best TV series around today, with Taylor Sheridan’s saga cemented among the small screen’s best Westerns.

ay back in 2018, we met the Yellowstone cast for the first time. John Dutton, as played by Kevin Costner, led the ranch as its patriarch, with Josh Lucas cast to portray the young John in flashback scenes.

When Lucas first signed on, it was a small role, but Sheridan promised him there would be more for him in the best drama series somewhere down the line. The actor told Tell-Tale TV he was far from convinced at the time.

Lucas said: “Taylor did tell me five years ago, the show in the fifth season will have a lot of flashbacks. And I thought he was crazy. I didn’t think there was ever going to be a fifth season.”

We can’t blame Lucas for a bit of skepticism. You wouldn’t bet against Taylor Sheridan now, but there was a time before the Yellowstone timeline was the biggest thing in television and a reliable cash cow for Paramount Plus.

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Lucas added: “I sort of laughed and went on with my life, right? But, then when he called me earlier last year and said: ‘Here we are. I’m now writing the flashbacks I told you I was gonna write. And they’re gonna tell the deeper different stories that are going on twenty years earlier, basically’. It’s one of the most interesting challenges I’ve had as an actor, easily.”

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