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Band of Brothers star “didn’t love” being part of the TV series

Band of Brothers might be one of of the best TV series of all time, but one of the actors from the series, who has gone on to become a major star, isn't keen.


Band of Brothers was one of the most influential TV series of the early ‘2000s — but not all of its stars enjoyed it. Released in 2001, Band of Brothers featured a number of now-high-profile stars playing members of the 506th Regiment, including Tom Hardy, Michael Fassbender, David Schwimmer, and Andrew Scott.

Specifically, Scott played Private John ‘Cowboy’ Hall in Band of Brothers, but in an interview with Vanity Fair, the actor, who is set to appear in the new movie All Of Us Strangers, admitted he wasn’t a huge fan of his time on the war miniseries.

Andrew Scott is best known for starring in some of the best TV series of all time: from his villainous turn as Moriarty in Sherlock to the Priest in the final season of Fleabag — giving us one of the best drama series finales ever. But he is less than enthused when it comes to Band of Brothers.

“I didn’t love playing a soldier,” he admitted. “I found it difficult to be in Band of Brothers. It’s really important to me to have a sense of community on set. There was something about that that I found difficult in relation to, I think, the processes of some of the people involved were different to mine.”

He continued, “I didn’t think it was necessary to be in character all the time… Whether it’s all men or all women, it’s a very particular atmosphere… But yeah, I just guess I’m not really that into weapons.”

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Since arriving on the streaming service, Band of Brothers has proven to be one of the best Netflix series in terms of popularity — soaring into the streamer’s top ten within days of landing on the platform. It’s no surprise it’s so popular, either — Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks served as executive producers.

Given they were both involved in Saving Private Ryan, one of the best war movies of all time, there was no pair better placed to steer this WWII drama in the right direction.

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