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This Tom Cruise Mission Impossible running montage is so satisfying

Tom Cruise is a man on a mission, and that mission is to run as much as he can. In the Mission Impossible movies, Cruise gets to fulfill this desire endlessly.

Tom Cruise running in Mission Impossible

Have you ever wanted to watch a compilation of every time Tom Cruise can be seen running throughout the Mission Impossible movies? Of course you have, and now you’re in luck.

Tom Cruise is a Hollywood legend and has cemented himself as arguably the best action movie star alive. His new movie, Mission Impossible 7, seeD him continue that trend by performing some of his most outrageous stunts yet, including driving a motorcycle off a cliff.

When he’s not dicing with death, he’s almost always running. In fact, Tom Cruise movies (and Mission Impossible specifically) have become known for their frequent Tom Cruise-running scenes.

Now, in celebration of that, there’s an official compilation of all of the Top Gun star’s running scenes from Mission Impossible, and it’s kind of mesmerizing and oddly satisfying. Check it out below:

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Sometimes, simple is good. Watching Cruise run around definitely scratches that itch. Somehow, he manages to make it simultaneously intense and also very controlled.

What’s also abundantly clear is that the man has endless reserves of energy: just look at him, sprinting around like a kid in a play area without breaking a sweat, pumping his arms up and down like pistons.


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