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Helen Mirren was “unbelievably uncomfortable” making this movie

Yellowstone 1923 actor Helen Mirren starred in the DCU movie Shazam 2, however filming the movie wasn't always her best experience.

Helen Mirren joins the Shazam 2 cast as Hespera

1923 star Helen Mirren has explained that her costume for theDC movie Shazam 2 left her “unbelievably uncomfortable” during the shoot.

Helen Mirren is an Oscar winning actor, respected across Hollywood and the entrainment industry for her turns in countless critically acclaimed drama movies and TV series, including The Queen and Prime Suspect. However, like so many of the industry’s biggest names, Mirren added to her repertoire with a superhero movie late on in her career.

Mirren played one of the leading cast members of the Shazam 2, in which she plays the character Hespera. Hespera is one of the family movie‘s villains as the daughter of the Atlas. But, it wasn’t all fun and games on set of the movie, because it turns out Mirren’s costume was extremely uncomfortable.

Speaking with THR, she was asked “What was it like when you first put on that suit and all that armour?” Mirren responded candidly, saying, “Very heavy, very uncomfortable, but also very powerful. And any actor loves a good costume. It’s a great costume and we had a wonderful costume designer. Unbelievably uncomfortable, but great.”

Thankfully, that uncomfortable suit didn’t slow her down, and as we note in our own Shazam 2 review, she’s the main antagonistic force in the flick and a worthy opponent to Shazam.

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Mirren’s foray into the world of superheroes is far from the first time she’s ever been involved in a mega-franchise. Mirren is also part of the Fast and Furious cast.

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