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Batman was replaced by one of his best villains, and it was great

We can't imagine anyone apart from Bruce Wayne being Batman, but this DC comics story adds a new twist by making a Batman villain the Caped Crusader.


What if Batman was replaced by a bad guy? While Bruce Wayne has always been the OG Batman, other characters have adopted the moniker in the past, including Dick Grayson, Terry McGinnis, Thomas Wayne, Damian Wayne, and Jason Todd, among others.

It might not have happened in the DCU (yet), but in the Batman comics, the most surprising DC character who took on the mantle was Batman villain Harvey Dent. Specifically, this happened in ‘Citizen Wayne,’ a comic book storyline that, essentially, is a retelling of the best movie of all time with a decisively DC twist. But it’s such a unique twist, it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen in all the DC movies in order.

Citizen Wayne begins similarly to the movie — a famous businessman (Bruce Wayne, in this case), utters a word nobody really understands in his dying breath, and it’s up to a journalist (Clark Kent) to discover the meaning behind his dying words.

Kent’s journey to uncover what Wayne’s last words meant leads to him encountering Alfred Pennyworth, James Gordon, Selina Kyle, and Dick Grayson, among others — but the most striking moment comes when, after becoming the victim of an acid attack, Harvey Dent decides to take vengeance.

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But he doesn’t do this by becoming Two-Face. Instead, he becomes a masked vigilante crimefighter who dresses suspiciously like a bat… If James Gunn told a subverted story like Citizen Wayne, we’d probably be looking at one of the best superhero movies of all time.