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The best Harrison Ford movie is actually based on a TV series

Turns out one of the best Harrison Ford movies is based on a TV series you've probably never heard of, so let's dig into the history books to find out.

Harrison Ford in The Fugitive

What are Harrison Ford‘s best roles? That’s tricky, many film fans will tell you Harrison Ford is one of the best actors of all time. When it comes to his best movies, though, our favorite is actually based on a TV series.

Let’s travel to the past and get to the bottom of one of his greatest characters’ origins. We’re not talking about Han Solo or Blade Runner, or any new movies.

The Fugitive is the film based on a TV series, and many people might not know the story’s origin before Ford brought it to the big screen.

The thriller movie was based on the 1960s TV series of the name same that ran from 1963-1967 (which you can see for yourself here). It was massively popular and was even remade multiple times, once for Ford’s film and twice for television.

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The two to pay attention to are the movie and the original show, however, as they have both been praised for their portrayals of anxious paranoia. All of the versions of the story follow the same logline, roughly: Dr Richard Kimble (Ford) is accused of killing his wife. When a train he’s on derails, he escapes the site and the relentless Lt. Philip Gerard hunts him down.

The narrative consists of dread, pace, and tension, as well as Kimble’s desire to prove his innocence and ultimately find the actual murderer responsible for his wife’s slaying. David Janssen played the role in the original series and did so in a bit of a softer manner than Ford, who by the time he was making The Fugitive was known for rougher around the edges characters.

You can watch the 60s show on YouTube, thankfully. The more you know! For more, check out the best 90s movies.