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Morgan Freeman is furious at Gene Hackman for one great reason

They're two of the best actors alive today, but there's a clear reason that Morgan Freeman got very angry with his former Unforgiven co-star Gene Hackman.

Morgan Freeman has a good reason to be furious with Gene Hackman

There are a lot of impressive things about Morgan Freeman, but one of the most important things is how his work elevates the people around him. Jim Carrey’s rubbery comedy found its perfect counterpoint in Freeman’s quiet sarcasm in Bruce Almighty, for example. And so when Freeman joins forces with someone of the caliber of Gene Hackman, magic happens.

Both Morgan Freeman and Gene Hackman should rank pretty highly on any list of the best actors of all time. The two stars have worked together twice, making one of the best Westerns ever with Unforgiven and reuniting eight years later for the thriller Under Suspicion.

Freeman has spoken many times over the years about how much he enjoyed working with Hackman in their best movies together. But that doesn’t mean he hasn’t ever been furious with the man, and it turns out there’s a very specific reason for that fury: Hackman’s decision to retire in 2004.

Freeman told Entertainment Weekly: “He’s retired! Silly man. You take talent like that away from me! I’m not happy about that.”

The actors had a tremendous bond, despite the difficult scenes they shared together on screen, particularly in Unforgiven. During one scene, Hackman’s chilling performance felt so real that Morgan Freeman’s look of terror was real.

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We’ve certainly missed Hackman too, though we don’t begrudge him taking the time to put his feet up after some of the absolutely classic movies he gave us during his career.

When you’ve made movies like Bonnie and Clyde, The French Connection, and The Birdcage (one of the best comedy movies ever, as far as we’re concerned), as well as providing an unforgettable take on one of the best DC villains, Lex Luthor, you’ve earned a restful time in your 90s.

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