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Jonathan Frakes wishes he had become a Star Trek captain sooner

Jonathan Frakes of the Star Trek The Next Generation cast is happy he's a Star Trek captain, but wishes it would have happened for his character sooner.

Star Trek The Next Generation: Jonathan Frakes

Among the best Star Trek captains is Jonathan Frakes’ Will Riker. Once a Star Trek commander, and eventually a captain. Riker was Picard’s (Patrick Stewart) First Officer on the USS Enterprise for a good 15 years spanning multiple seasons of The Next Generation and four Star Trek movies.


Riker at long last was promoted to captain of the USS Titan for Star Trek Nemesis. But what did it take so damn long?!

Frakes has some thoughts on the matter, and admits he wishes it has happened a bit sooner in his tenure.

Frakes told Screen Rant, “That was the writers’ fault. I mean, they kept having Riker say, ‘I’m seeking my own ship, and I’d love to become a Captain’ and then when the offer comes, Riker turns it down. It must have happened two or three times over the series.”

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“So it was a conflict in the writers’ room that the character ended up looking a little waffle-ly on [being promoted]. And then conveniently, the ships that Riker had been offered all blew up in the battle with the Borg.”

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