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Tom Cruise holds this awards record, but probably doesn’t want it

Tom Cruise has made some of the best action movies ever, and in his career there's a particular awards record he's set that he might not be too proud of.

Tom Cruise

What hasn’t Tom Cruise achieved? Well, until Top Gun: Maverick, he hadn’t scored one billion dollars at the box office. Now that’s done, there’s not much else left, especially considering he’s such an awards mainstay he scored a dubious honour back in the ’80s.


Cruise was integral to a few of the best ’80s movies, including Top Gun, The Color of Money, and Born on the Fourth of July. The 1988 twofer Rain Man and Cocktail was especially notable for the action movie star, but not in a way he’s keen for anyone to remember.

The drama movie Rain Man scored the Best Picture Oscar of 1989. A great honour and the one of several awards heavy-hitters Cruise has been involved in. On the flipside, Cocktail won the Razzie for Worst Picture that same year.

Cruise starring in both is a unique privilege that only he’s gotten to enjoy so far. To be fair, it’s hard enough to put out two hit films in any given year, never mind having them both be noted in such drastic terms.

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Generally, Cruise stays on the best movies side of any given year, usually doing crowd-pleasing blockbusters or festival-friendly pictures. He did one of the best Paul Thomas Anderson movies, worked for Michael Mann, and the Mission Impossible has become a surefire franchise for cinema fun.

Our Tom Cruise movies list will let you some of his other classics, all given our stamp of approval.