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Jeri Ryan shares Seven of Nine Voyager scene she always hated

Star Trek Voyager's Jeri Ryan has spoken about the one Seven of Nine scene she always hated, and her choice is for a very good reason.

Star Trek series ranked: Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine in Voyager

Jeri Ryan has shared the one Seven of Nine scene in the Star Trek series Voyager which she always hated. Beginning as one of the spin-off series from The Next Generation, Star Trek Voyager soon found its feet with its own brand of storytelling, and its own cast of memorable Star Trek characters.


These included Star Trek captain Kathryn Janeway, the holographic EMH, and Seven of Nine who joined the TV series later on in its run. Despite only coming in after the halfway mark, Seven of Nine quickly became a fan favourite.

Played to perfection by Jeri Ryan (though encased in an uncomfortable looking cat suit) Seven had a similar story to TNG’s Data. As an ex-Borg she was looking to reclaim her humanity rather than gain it, against a background of suspicion and prejudice.

Now, Jeri Ryan has reflected on the one scene in Star Trek Voyager that she always hated. Speaking to StarTrek.com, the actor spoke about her audition process for the part.

“I read the scenes and they were two scenes. One of which was the Harry Kim ‘take of your clothes’ scene that I’ve always hated.”

The scene she’s referring to is from the episode ‘Revulsion’ in which Ensign Harry Kim attempts to flirt with Seven, and Seven then tries to advance things too quickly telling him to him to take off his clothes. Really, Jeri Ryan’s choice is no surprise. While her character was one of the highlights of Voyager, she did suffer from frequent over-sexualisation.

However, Ryan also continued onto more positive memories saying, “The other [scene] that we never ended up shooting was one of the most beautifully written scenes I’ve ever seen for an audition, before or since. It was a scene of Seven – I think she was with Chakotay – having her first memories of laughter. It was so beautiful, and I saw what the potential for this character could be, and the growth that she could have.”

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Seven of Nine, and Jeri Ryan, returned to the world of Star Trek when she joined the main cast of Star Trek Picard. Her most recent appearance is in Star Trek Picard season 3, where she acts as the first officer aboard Captain Shaw‘s USS Titan.