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Kevin Costner predicted Sean Connery’s Oscar win

Kevin Costner isn't just an award winning actor and director. It turns out that the Yellowstone star is also a fortune teller - just ask Sean Connery.

Kevin Costner predicted Sean Connery's Oscar win

Kevin Costner is not only one of Hollywood’s biggest stars or the staple in the hit TV series Yellowstone cast – it turns out that he may be a clairvoyant too.


In an interview with Yahoo Entertainment, while promoting his new movie 3 Days to Kill, the actor sat down to reflect on a number of his roles, and experiences in Hollywood. And during his trip down memory lane, Costner revealed that he might have a talent for Academy Award predictions. According to the acclaimed actor, he called Sean Connery winning the Oscar for playing the cop Jim Malone in the ’80s movie The Untouchables before anyone else.

Directed by Brian De Palma, The Untouchables saw Connery (of James Bond movie fame) star alongside Costner in a detective movie centred around the actions of notorious gangland kingpin Al Capone. The film was nominated for four Academy Awards after its release. However, Connery proved to be the only winner, bagging the title of Best Supporting Actor.

“I remember telling Sean I thought he’d win the Academy Award. And I say that simply because number one: he was a great actor, and number two: usually you are gonna put a character actor in his part – the Irish beat cop. And they didn’t.” he explained. “They put, in my mind, the greatest, biggest star that I ever worked with.”

“Sean Connery in that role, he just owned that supporting part,” Costner continued. “And I think that a big memory for me was to actually see him get the Oscar because the day I saw it, I said, ‘you will win the Academy Award for this role’, and he did.”

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While Costner didn’t win any award for The Untouchables himself, the star has plenty of accolades to his name. Over his career, he has won two Oscars, two Golden Globes, and an Emmy Award too. So, Connery isn’t the only talented one here!