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Colin Farrell says death was “around the corner” making this TV series

Colin Farrell remembers making a particular thriller series fondly, but he's revealed that things felt quite dangerous while production was happening.

Colin Farrell in Banshees of Inisherin

Not content with making the best movies, Colin Farrell been making some TV series of late. While we’re still waiting for The Penguin show release date, he commented on The North Water, and how the thriller series stressed him out, to say the least.


“I did feel that death was just around the corner at any given time,” he told the Sunday World. “That we were just one mistake away from someone falling into the Arctic sea and either very quickly getting hypothermia or sinking under the weight of the waterlogged costume.”

The show, released in 2021, follows a 19th-century whaling expedition to the Arctic. Farrell plays Harry Drax, a harpooner on board. Many harrowing events are depicted, but it was filming around colder regions in Hungary and Norway that gave Farrell the shivers.

“There were also polar bears around, who were beautiful and elegant and majestic but also apex predators,” he described. “It was a very profound experience for us all to share.”

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It does sound incredible, if occasionally stressful. The North Water was created by Andrew Haigh, and it’s one of the best drama series of the decade so far, especially if you’re into period pieces. Needless to say, Farrells work on Batman movie spin-off The Penguin was probably much easier by comparison.