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Gerard Butler hospitalised Hilary Swank making this rom-com

Gerard Butler ended up delaying the filming of this romance movie by five days after accidentally injuring Hilary Swank filming one scene.

Gerard Butler in Plane

You’d think Gerard Butler’s most injury-inducing work was as a stranded pilot in new movie Plane, but in a 2007 interview with the Daily Record, the action movie actor revealed that his most dangerous stunt was, apparently, during the filming of rom-com PS I Love You.


During the striptease scene in the beloved film, where he stars opposite Hilary Swank, his suspender pinged off and hit Swank on the forehead, leading to the actor having to go to the hospital, get stitches, and delay filming by another five days.

“I’ve never had to do anything in all my time as an actor that felt so ridiculous,” he said. “You have to remember most film crew are males and they’re very male. Most are grips and electricians and you’re standing there doing this little dance which is funny the first time. But then you do it for two days and you see them thinking, ‘It’s not funny anymore. You look stupid.’ Then you almost kill one of the most famous and talented actresses of all time.”

He continued, “The funny thing is that there are times as an actor where you think, ‘I’m really going out on a limb here’. There are times when you’re giving a lot to a film, but I felt when I was doing that striptease that I was making a fool of myself and being ridiculous. Then at the end of all that, I injured Hilary and production had shut to be down for five days.”

The romance movie actor was so concerned about the accident, he even started crying. “One minute we’re sitting there doing a silly striptease, she’s laughing and I’m laughing. Then the next minute she’s on her way to hospital and everybody is gone.I’m sitting on the bed on my own in these stupid shamrock boxer shorts and a pair of Chelsea boots with my socks coming off. I have to tell you that I started crying. I put my head in my hands and cried.”

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Ever the leading lady, Butler added that Swank was a great sport about it all. “Hilary was amazing. Blood was coming down on to her hand, tears were running down her face and you could see the lump,” he said. “I was saying: ‘I’m so sorry’ and she said, ‘Don’t even go there. Not your fault’. I could see in that moment her concern. She knew how awful I was feeling and she was basically saying: ‘Listen, this stuff happens. Don’t even think about going to that place’. I could tell that she meant it.”