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Aubrey Plaza reveals the item she stole from Joe Biden’s desk

It turns out that comedy movie actor and White Lotus cast member Aubrey Plaza has had many interactions with President Joe Biden over the years.

Aubrey Plaza joined the White Lotus cast for season 2

Aubrey Plaza has been a busy woman since she joined the White Lotus cast, but the comedy movie star has also spent some time recently talking about her relationship with President Joe Biden.

The TV series actor and Biden both grew up in Delaware and Plaza first met the president during his time as the state’s senator while she was a teenager. They subsequently met again when he was vice-president and made an appearance in comedy series Parks and Recreation, in which Plaza starred.

Plaza even received a special message from the president as part of her opening monologue when she hosted Saturday Night Live earlier this year.

But during a tour of the White House to tie in with Biden’s appearance on Parks and Recreation, Plaza admitted to Entertainment Weekly that she pilfered something from the politician’s office.

Plaza said: “I saw a note on his desk that had been written by his assistant on official White House stationery that said ‘Aubrey Plaza’ — underlined — ‘Wilmington, Delaware. You met her at the Joe Biden youth-leadership conference when she was 16’. I was like: ‘I knew it! He doesn’t remember me at all!'”

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Shocked by the then-vice-president’s falsehood, Plaza “pocketed” the note – much to the horror of the show’s creator Mike Schur who declared “you cannot steal from the White House”.

Sadly for Plaza, she’s not able to make any money from her thievery in the wake of Biden’s enhanced political status as she has lost the note.

She said: “Can you imagine if I’d kept it? I could’ve framed it or sold it now he’s the President — I had no idea. But, yeah, I stole it right off his desk. And there’s got to be cameras in the White House. But they didn’t do anything to me.