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Tom Hanks has perfect answer for who should play him in a biopic

Tom Hanks recently appeared on a series where he enjoyed his "last meal" and had to answer several death-based questions, but it's cheerier than it sounds.

Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks while doing the rounds – promoting his drama movie A Man Called Otto, made his way to the Mythical Kitchen YouTube series, where he enjoyed his Last Meal. The interview ends with a quickfire round, which resulted in some fun answers from Hanks.


Hanks’ last meal included California’s signature In-N-Out burger, and French toast. He also choose the white chocolate coconut bundt cake that certain specially-chosen celebrities are sent every Christmas by Tom Cruise. Hanks’ family have dubbed it the ‘Tom Coo Kay” (which is Tom Cruise Cake with a mouth full of cake). In between mouths full of delicious food, Hanks was asked who he would want to enjoy his last meal with (and wasn’t allowed to choose family members) and responded with John Lennon. As for who he would choose to read the eulogy at his funeral, he understandably chose Oprah.

Hanks was also asked “who plays you in the biopic?” And responded; “Not a one, because I don’t think anybody can hold a candle to the man himself.” Hanks of course recently starred in a biopic – Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis – as Presley’s nefarious manager Colonel Tom Parker.

Whoever does portray Hanks in an entirely hypothetical biopic would have to be a gifted comedian, as well as bring the dramatic acting chops. Hanks starred in a run of some of the best comedy movies of all time in the 1980s, including The Money Pit, Dragnet, Big, The ‘Burbs, and Turner and Hooch. After winning the Best Actor Oscar for Philadelphia in 1993, Hanks was then largely considered a dramatic actor moving forward.

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