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Michael Douglas really regrets turning down this iconic Disney movie

Michael Douglas has had an incredible career, but his decision to give up this Disney movie is one that apparently keeps him awake at night.

Michael Douglas in The Game

When you’ve a career like Michael Douglas has had, you’d think the missed opportunities mightn’t bother you so much. Currently, he’s doing Marvel movies, and before that, he’d acted in thriller movies, drama movies, romance movies – all sorts. Alas, there’s one gig with the House of Mouse that haunts him.


Talking on The Late Late Show with James Corden, Douglas revealed that he rejected Disney movie Frozen, and he really wishes he could turn the clock back. “There’s one animation picture, just a voice-over, that would’ve been more profitable for me than any picture,” he says.

At first, he tries to resist naming the animated movie, but after some prodding from Corden, and fellow guest Simon Cowell, Douglas reveals that it was Elsa’s snowy adventure. Ooft, given the phenomenon Frozen became, that has to sting.

In fairness to him, nobody knew what Anna and Elsa were about to do. Disney famously didn’t have much faith in it, under-ordering on merchandise and causing a holiday shortage.

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The family movie, from which sprang forth the hit single ‘Let It Go’, was the highest-grossing movie of 2013. A sequel, Frozen 2, made even more money, cementing this as a franchise Disney could expand for years to come.

Could Douglas get another chance for Frozen 3? We’ll have to wait and see. Check out our guide to all the new movies coming out to see what else is on the horizon.