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Most of Yellowstone’s horses come from the same surprising place

Most of western Yellowstone's horses used in the TV series come from the same place, and you might find where that place is rather surprising.

Kevin Costner as John Dutton in Yellowstone

People can’t seem to get enough of Yellowstone, with the best westerns on TV taking up room on our calendars with spin-offs and a now chunky history, which you can visit in our Yellowstone timeline explained.


With so many Yellowstone TV series, they need a steady flow of horses for the Duttons and co. to ride — an expensive business.

Not to worry, though, because Paramount is saving some money courtesy of series creator Taylor Sheridan.

That’s right, your favourite Yellowstone cast is riding around on Sheridan’s own horses, for the most part. Sheridan told Four Sixes Ranch, “I supply most of the horses to Yellowstone,”.

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“And then I have horses that I show and breed. Right now, I’ve got probably as many horses as I have cattle. And I have too many horses.”

With The Bass Reeves Story, 1923, and 6666 alive and kicking at Paramount Plus, he’s probably had to limit his supply to the original series, wisely.

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