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Mark Hamill kept one Star Wars prop that he’ll never sell

The prop department on Star Wars movies must be an absolute treasure trove, but Mark Hamill has one particular keepsake he will never part with.

Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker in Star Wars: A New Hope

The prop department from Star Wars must be an absolute treasure trove, full of amazing weapons, costumes, and other cool bits and pieces. Actor Mark Hamill has been around for a while now, and has recently revealed what his most prized possession is from his time in the Star Wars movie universe.


The actor, who has played the Star Wars character Luke Skywalker since the very beginning of the Star Wars timeline back in 1977, must have a whole host of memorabilia from the sets of the adventure movies. And, it turns out there’s some things that are just too special to ever part with, no matter how much money you offer.

It may surprise you that the item in question isn’t a lightsaber. It’s not the helmet from his time as an X-Wing pilot. It’s not even a nice, big bottle of Bantha milk. No, the one thing that Mark Hamill would never ever sell, is actually a pair of boots. A pretty special pair of boots, sure, but boots nonetheless.

It was announced recently that an X-Wing fighter model used in the original science fiction movie had sold at an auction for $2.3 million, to which Hamill claimed “I should have kept mine.”

Over on Hamill’s Twitter account, the actor was asked what the most valuable thing he has kept from his time in the world of Star Wars was, and he revealed all.

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“My boots from the very first film. Don’t know their value because I’d never sell them,” Hamill replied. While they may not actually be the most valuable items from a galaxy far, far away, they clearly hold a great sentimental significance to Hamill.

Although, if you asked us, we would definitely rather have a lightsaber than a pair of boots. But hey, each to their own. Have a look at our ranking of all the Star Wars series for more from a galaxy far, far away.