Jordan Peele owns the weirdest prop from Stand By Me

Jordan Peele movies aren't as strange as his large memorabilia collection, as the filmmaker shares which weird Stand By Me prop he owns.

Jordan Peele owns the weirdest prop from Stand By Me

Jordan Peele has taken Hollywood by storm with his unsettling movies, such as the horror movie Get Out and, most recently, the 2022 movie Nope. However, his love of the strange isn’t limited to the big screen, as the filmmaker has shared the details of his odd movie memorabilia collection.


In an interview on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Peele revealed that he is in possession of a very strange prop from the coming-of-age ’80s movie Stand By Me. In Stand By Me, Corey Feldman played the role of Teddy Duchamp – who had his ear burned by his abusive father on a hot stove when he was young. And, now Peele is the proud owner of the prosthetic ear Feldman wore on the set of the teen movie.

“There was a whole thing where he was auctioning the ear that he [Feldman] wore as Teddy in Stand by Me, and I guess I very creepily bought it,” Peele explained to Meyers.

“I mentioned it to [Feldman], and he’s like, ‘Wait, you got the ear?’… I was like, ‘Yeah,’ and he was like, ‘Man, I’m so glad it was you,'” Peele continued, sharing how he and Feldman had developed a friendship.

“I have a new friendship with Corey Feldman, very proud of this … He invited me and my producer to his house. We went to his house, which was awesome. It has some memorabilia and stuff,” he said.

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One of the things shown to Peele by Feldman was reportedly an unreleased movie called The Birthday, which the filmmaker called a treasure for any fans after a “what-the-F-did-I-just-watch experience”.

However, despite this friendship, Peele and Feldman don’t have any new movie collaborations lined up together. Feldman is set to star in The Goonies 2, which will release in 2027, while Peele’s next project is yet to be announced.

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